Saturday, 18 September 2010

A new day and a new find!

Ive been chasing a guy at work recently, he told me that he new of a guy with an old Triumph chopper in storage for many years. After a few months i managed to get a lead, i called the guy and arranged to go and have a look. It had been kept in the back of an old decrepid damp Ford Transit van! I opened the side door and found this! Well it turns out to be a 1954 650T Triumph with a 750 head, Hardtailed and very well built! The deal was done and now i have got this new project! luvely jubley..........


  1. so cool, good find mate, how is it coming on!

  2. Slowly mate, just getting in a quick surf trip to Ireland and then gather some spon doolleys to make a start!