Saturday, 7 August 2010

Hello and welcome to my first Blogg!

Thought i would try this Blogg thing out and share some Randomness that im into and have been into for many years!
 On the 31st July!
 For the first time in about 15 years i returned to my old Hotrodding roots. So I joined up with my old carclub the Vultures the crappest car club in the world! and I travelled from North Devon Back to Bisley near Aldershot and spent the weekend at the Hotrod Hayride! Great weekend of drunken bufoonary and checking out some of what i would consider some of the best rods and bikes this country and europe has to offer. This had such attractions as The Demon Drome wall of death, freak shows Tattooing and art shows, Saturday also had an amazing dirt track in Alton where you could thrash the pants out of your prized possession!

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